Coral Sea Odyssey

he Coral Sea is one of those places whose very name evokes an almost mythological quality.  Here, history, romance and reality have woven a magic spell.  The name is apt.  This is the kingdom of the coral polyp, where everything, all the reefs and islets which make up the charts, are made of coral.  Reefs of every size and description abound, barrier, fringing, platform, patch, pinnacle, atoll.

The Great Barrier Reef system which forms the western boundary of this sea encompasses almost a third of the coral reef area on the planet and is comprised of some 2,500 named reefs and countless un-named smaller reefs and coral patches.  Beyond the outer barrier, the open ocean is sprinkled with reefs and islets, a navigators nightmare, a divers dream.  It is today one of the most pristine natural areas on the planet

Coral Sea Odyssey is a divers impressions from a two week trip in the Coral Sea aboard Capt. Max Allen's private charter vessel "Spirit of Freedom".  It was shot with a Sony PC 7 camera in a home built housing employing both flat and dome ports.