o lay aside the incessant burden of gravity, to hover, soar and glide or just to drift in weightless wonder is an ancient dream. Diving in warm clear tropical waters amidst a coral fantasyland teeming with exotic life is like a fairytale come to life. Although "The Silent World" is hardly silent it is truely a weightless world and the experience of personal flight is one of diving's most compelling aspects.
    This 14 minute video of flying over, on and in the sea was compiled from video and motion picture footage taken on the Great Barrier Reef in the 1980's. The ultralight amphibian aircraft was one I built and carried aboard R/V El Torito for several years. The wetsub, scooter, and 30 foot diveboat were also from El Torito's box of toys. Due to image quality limitation this material is presented at 352x288 resolution and is best viewed at this size.