A2004, an Inner/Outer Space Odyssey

VMoonrise from earth orbit


Fish egg & embryo

Galaxy & star birthing

The depths of space and the depths of the sea have many parallels. Both are mysterious, beautiful and strange. Both encompass our own origins. Both are realms that have fascinated humankind for millennia but only in this generation we have began to explore them. What we have discovered has been even stranger than we earlier imagined.

The visual similarity of many images from outer space with what we see in inner space is often striking. As above, so below. The microcosm does indeed reflect the macrocosm. Even we ourselves are not just in it but indeed of it and on many levels it is in us.

The accompanying slideshow is a compilation of image highlights from outer space interspersed with a few underwater ones. They range from coral eggs and plankton, to moons and planets, to stars and constellations, to multi-billion star galaxies, to plankton-like swarms of galaxies near the farthest limits of space and time.

Somehow here we are, contemplating it all. So, click the slideshow button, sit back and take a few minutes to wonder.

Coral eggs

Titan moon of  Saturn

Flashlight fish

Pleiades star cluster

Crab nebula

Opalina copepod

VAndromeda galaxy

Hurricane off  Bahamas


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Images: Nasa, Roger Steene, W. Starck.
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