Walter Starck

ne can dive for years on reefs and never see a tiger shark but put out the right bait and often they appear surprisingly quickly.  Often too, several show up.  They are around all the time and more common than we realize.  Normally they just avoid us.  With senses better adapted than ours to the underwater world they can detect us and check us out while remaining beyond the limits of our own senses.

The circumstances of this video are explained in the narration.  I recently put it together from material shot in 1986 and 87 on Video 8 and 8 mm film.  It has been rendered in only 320x240 image size since that is close to the resolution of the original material.  It is best viewed at its native size or at 2x zoom rather than full screen.  Although the video quality is not great the subject matter makes it of considerable interest.


big tiger at cage

tigers feeding

tiger of about 12 feet length weighing about 1000 pounds