Important User Information

The text and still image content of this CD is viewable on any PC with a web browser.

Smooth playback of high quality video requires a moderately powerful system.

Suggested Minimum System Requirements for Video Replay
Faster is always better.

- 500Mhz PIII or AMD Athlon or better
- 64MB PC100 RAM
- 8MB AGP Video card
- PCI Audio Card
- Windows Media Player 7.1 or later

Windows Media Player is required to play the video.  This is already installed on most Windows PCs and a Macintosh version is available as a free download from the Microsoft web site. 

At this time playback of Windows Media Video on Macintosh computers is not smooth at the high data rates required for full screen video.  On a current Windows computer the video playback from this CD should be as clear and smooth as DVD.  

If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser Windows Media Player will open automatically when video files are selected.  In Netscape the .wmv file type must be set to WMPLAYER.  

Video files may also be played directly from the disk file directory.

A screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher in 24 or 32 bit color mode is recommended.  Full screen viewing mode with the web browser is also advised.  In Internet Explorer, full screen mode is toggled on and off with the F11 key. 

With Media Player full screen modes may be toggled on and off by Ctrl+Enter.  To pause for detailed viewing of individual images in slide shows use Ctrl+P.

Kiosk Mode
For the ultimate in uncluttered viewing use the kiosk mode in Internet Explorer. This mode runs IE with no tool bar at all, only the web page content.  To open in kiosk mode click Start/Run and type in the command line:  iexplore -k "X:\index.htm  Leave in the quote marks and use the drive letter of your CD drive in place of X.  

To create a shortcut to this mode create a shortcut to  iexplore.exe. Then. right click on this shortcut, select properties and at the end of the "Target" line add:  -k "X:\index.htm"  Again, leave in the quote marks and use the drive letter of your CD drive in place of X.  

To go forward and back in kiosk mode use Alt+ right or left arrow keys.  To exit use Alt+ F4

Note: Use Windows Media Player Version 7.1 with Windows 98, ME or 2000. Version 8  is for Windows XP and is part of the default installation. Version 9 is now available and recommended.